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Aico Generators

AICO Petrol Generators

1 kva rope start - Ksh 20,000
2.8kva rope start - Ksh 30,000
2.8kva key start - Ksh 32,000
3.8kva rope start - Ksh 33,000
3.8kva key start - Ksh 36,000
5.5kva key start - Ksh 42,000
6.5kva key start - Ksh 68,000
7.5kva key start - Ksh 75,000

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Aico Generator Price in Kenya

The Aico brand is another common brand of generators in Kenya. If you have been in the market for a generator, then you might have come across the Aico brand. This brand is associated with value for money. It offers good quality at highly affordable prices making it a good choice for small businesses and individuals without a big budget.

However, do not let the Aico generator price in Kenya fool you into thinking it is not a good performer. This generator packs in a lot of power served by its 4 stroke diesel engines. The Aico generators also come with innovative features to ensure your safety and give you control.

Due to the compact design, Aico generators are highly portable and require a small space for storage. What's more, most of the bigger ones come with wheels that make it easy to move the generator around when necessary.

On the intuitive control panel,you get a voltmeter that allows you to see the voltage the generator is producing. Starting the AIco generators is quick and hassle free thanks to the easy start switch. Aico is built for durability and reliability. The engine is smooth in operation but powerful enough for a wide variety of uses.

The Aico LG3000CLE for instance provides 3kva power for all required operations in a home or business. It is made of a strong steel frame with a strong enclosure for durability.

Looking to buy an Aico generator? Talk to us for all your needs with Aico generators. We are renowned suppliers of Aico generators in Kenya. We have experience dealing with all kinds of quality generators in the mid and high price range. If you are looking for the perfect blend of affordability and quality let us help you choose from our wide Aico range.