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How it Works

How do I choose a generator?

When choosing a generator, you need to consider the power output, portability, durability, your budget and fuel efficiency. We have technicians available 24/7 to offer you unbiased advice on how you can land a generator that will suit your needs and budget perfectly.

What power rating should I choose?

Before you buy a generator, you should know how much power you need. This is based on the appliances that you need to power with the generator. As such you should check the power rating for each appliance and calculate the total power you need for all of them. We can help you calculate the total power you need for your home or business. You can also consult an electrician near you.

What type of oil should I use?

You should use engine oil easily available in your local automotive shops and petrol stations.

The generator will not start?

If the generator is not starting please consult the manual for your specific model to see how you can troubleshoot it on your own. However, you can call us and we will guide you on how to put it on. In the meantime;

  • Check that the power switch is turned to on position.
  • Check that the generator has fuel in it
  • Ensure that it has enough oil in it
  • Ensure that quality fuel is being used
  • Ensure that the choke (if applicable) is set on

Can I use a computer or laptop with generator power?

Yes, you can but the generator must have automatic voltage regulation (AVR) technology. This technology is designed to continuously control voltage ensuring that it is constant even as the load to the generator changes.

Do you provide warranty?

We believe in the quality of our products and as such all our products are backed by an industry leading warranty. Please check the different products for our warranty duration and policy.