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5kva Generator Price in Kenya

5kva Generator Price in Kenya

Hisaki HK3800EN 4.5kva - Ksh 45,000/=
Hisaki HK6500EN 6.5kva - Ksh 78,000/=
Aico 5.5kva key start - Ksh 42,000/=
Aico 6.5kva key start - Ksh 68,000/=

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Choosing the right generator for your needs is essential. A 5kva generator is a popular choice for many homeowners because a generator of this level can comfortably power up a home. 5kvas are enough to power everything in a home including the fridge and other power intensive home appliances. If this power is enough, the next big thing on your mind will be he 5kva generator price in Kenya.

There are different brands of generators that come at different prices. We are stock only premium quality generator brands including Honda and others that are proven to offer superior performance. Our brands have also passed the test of efficiency and they are endowed with the best motors in the market. As such you can be sure you are getting more from the generator while spending less on fuel.

Many people worry about noise levels especially when purchasing the 5kva generators for home use. Our 5kva generators are modern and come with exceptional noise reducing technologies that ensure the noise is maintained at a minimum. This way you can use the generator at home for long and enjoy your peace and quiet even when it is installed near the house. These 5 kva generators can also be used to power shops without affecting the work atmosphere.

If you have the right information, choosing the right generator for your needs and budget is easy. There is so much to consider, from the initial price investment to the maintenance costs. We are here to help you land the best generator for your needs. Plus, we are suppliers of the best brands of generators and we give the best 5kva generator price in Kenya for all the brands in stock. Contact us today to learn more about our generators.