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20 kva Generator Price in Kenya

20 kva Generator Price in Kenya

A 20kva generator is a generator capable of producing 20kva of power or 20 kilo Volt-Amps. This is not a particular type of generator it is just a power rating that can be on any type of generator. It directly translates to 20kW (kilo-watts) or 20,000Watts that is, for a direct system or resistive loads. However, for reactive loads, the kva rating is higher than the Watts ratings by a factor called the power factor.

20kva generator price in Kenya

The 20kva generator price in Kenya varies between different makes available in the market. The quality brands like Honda and Cummins cost a bit more than other unknown brands in the market. However, they are known to offer superior performance, smooth and silent operation, full control through a control panel and durability. All of these and other factors go into determining the 20kva generator price in Kenya.

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Investing in a generator is no easy fete. It requires your time commitment to land the right one for your needs and sinks deep into your financials. As such, you need to work with a supplier you can trust and depend on. We have been helping businesses and individuals in Kenya buy generators that meet their needs.

We stock the best brands globally like Honda, Cummins, Perkins, Aico and other that guarantee you superior performance. What's more our prices are highly affordable for all our brands. We will not run you down financially. Give us a try.