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30 kva Generator Price in Kenya

30 kva Generator Price in Kenya

For most people looking to buy a generator, the power output of the generator and the price are two of the biggest considerations they have. Most generators come with a power rating given in kva which is different from the Watts ratings that you might be used to. So how do you know that the generator will be enough for your needs? How much should you spend?

Will my 30kva generator power my appliances?

To get the power rating of your appliances you use the voltage and amps to get Watts. For instance, if a bulb is rated 10A and it operates on 240V then the power it draws is; 10A x 240V = 2400W (VA). The 30kva generator rating therefore means 30kW or 30000W. Ideally, such a generator could power many of those bulbs.

However, most electronic items do not use up all of the power they draw from the electricity source. That difference in power is called the power factor. To get the total power the generator can produce, multiply the power rating with the power factor. For instance, for a power factor of 0.9 the power is = 30000x0.9 = 27000W or 27kW.

What is the 30kva generator price in Kenya?

Now that you know the power what's the 30kva generator price in Kenya? The price depends on where you are buying your generator and the make of generator you buy. Not all brands out there are made equal.

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