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6.5 kva Generator Price in Kenya

6.5 kva Generator Price in Kenya

If you have been generator shopping lately you might have seen the kva rating on the generator. You might have also noticed that the price of the generator changes with the kva rating. So what does this kva rating mean and why is it important?

What does kva mean on a generator

kva is an abbreviation for kilo volt-amps. This is a power rating used in place of watts which is used to measure power. Basically the higher the kva rating, the more power output you expect from the generator. Consequently, the more the power output of the generator usually, the higher the price becomes.

This might have led you to wonder what the 6.5 kva generator price in Kenya would be. The price would definitely depend on certain factors like the make and model of the generator. Another factor that would affect the price is your supplier.

When you are searching for a generator it is best if you only deal with a reliable supplier. Check on their experience and expertise in power equipment supplies. There are so many generator makes and models available in the market today. As such, it would be best to deal with a supplier that specializes in supply of generators. This would mean that the supplier has the knowledge and experience with a wide range of the many available models in the market.

We are a reputable supplier of generators in Kenya, with many years of experience. We can assist you to find your dream 6.5 kva generator at the best price possible.