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100 kva Generator Price in Kenya

100kva Generator Price in Kenya

Are you in the market for a really powerful diesel generator? Well, how about a 100kva generator? But how much power can you get from a 100kva generator? What is the 100kva generator price in Kenya?

How much power can a 100kva generator produce?

It is a not a direct answer. 1kva means 1 kilo-volt-amp. To get how much power this would be in watts, then you need to convert kva to watts. The conversion is not a direct one but also not so difficult to do. The watt is defined from Ohms law as; watt = volt x amps or in essence 1Watt = 1 VA. Consequently, it also means that 1kva = 1kW.

That is the direct and easy conversion of kva to Watts. It means that a 100kva generator can produce 100kW which is a lot of power. However, electrical appliances do not consume all of the power they draw from the mains or generator. The difference between the power they draw and how much they consume is called the power factor and is a number between 0 and 1.

Usually for any electrical load, a power factor of about 0.8 is assumed for all electrical equipment. You therefore multiply the electrical load with the power rating of the generator to get the total power that a 100kva generator can produce. That is; 100kva x 0.8 = 80kva or 80kW or 80,000 Watts.

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