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Tiger Generators

Tiger generator price in Kenya

Tiger generators are a common sight in Kenya. You could be wondering why are so many people using them nowadays? Does it have to do with the Tiger generator price in Kenya or is it because they are quality generators that offer great performance? Well, it is a bit of both.

Tiger generators are best known for their small under 2kva generators that are a hit with the small business that do not need a lot of power. However, the company also produces bigger capacity generators. Tiger generators are becoming are known for quality, fuel efficiency and affordability.

Take for instance the TG 2700 Tiger generator that is a common site with people that need a high power output and prefer the affordability of the Tiger brand. This model has a rated power of 2000-2300 watts and 220V voltage. It comes with a huge 12L tank that can provide fuel for up to 10hours of continuous running.

The engine on the TG 2700 is a 4 stroke air cooled engine that ensures smooth performance without guzzling too much of your fuel. With Tiger generators, running costs are kept at minimal levels. The TG 2700 is great for those that want to power many appliances at once or power an entire home or business.

Just like with many upcoming and winning brands, counterfeits are bound to enter the market. Tiger generators in Kenya are faced by this challenge. As such it is important to purchase your generator from a reliable and renowned supplier of power equipment. Avoid buying your generator at random shops.

We are a dependable supplier of the real Tiger generators here in Kenya. We have supplied the authentic product to many individuals and businesses in the country before. Plus, we sell at recommended and affordable prices so you do not have to worry about the Tiger generator price in Kenya again.