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Benefits of Generators
  • Highly portable
  • Improved productivity
  • Multi-function utility
  • Cheap power source
  • Safe & easy to use
  • Energy efficient
  • Low operating costs
  • Offer more comfort over a longer period of time due to their small size
  • Compact, light, quiet & easy to move

About Generators in Kenya

We are the power experts, leading suppliers of generators in the country. We have supplied many businesses and individuals in the country with generators. We are known for delivering superior quality products backed by our expertise and unmatched customer support. Over the years we have had the pleasure of serving big corporations with automatic generators and small businesses alike with portable generators to suit their needs.

With the quality of our products and our services, our company is properly positioned and well on its way to becoming a market leader in supply of generators in the country. We come to work every day because we want to solve the power problems that many businesses and individuals experience in the country.

We are helping many businesses avoid downtime in their operations when the power is our and lighting up homes for people in remote areas with powerful generator brands such as Maybach, Hisaki, Elemax, Aico and Tiger amongst others. If it is a quality generator, then we know about it and most probably have it in our inventory. That is why many continue to trust us in their journey of investing in generators.

Our Generators Price Range

Hisaki Petrol Generators
2.8kva - Ksh 36,000
3.5kva - Ksh 38,000
6.9kva - Ksh 75,000
8.1kva - Ksh 79,000
9.4kva - Ksh 87,000

Pacwell Petrol Generators
1.2kva - Ksh 25,000
2.5kva - Ksh 40,000
3.5kva - Ksh 45,000
6.5 kva - Ksh 72,000

AICO Petrol Generators
1 kva rope start - Ksh 22,000
2.5kva rope start - Ksh 28,000
2.5kva key start - Ksh 32,000
3.0kva rope start - Ksh 30,000
3.0kva key start - Ksh 35,000
4.5kva key start - Ksh 38,000
6.5kva key start - Ksh 68,000
7.5kva key start - Ksh 75,000

Pacwell Silent Diesel Generators
8.5kva with ATS - Ksh 170,000

AICO Silent Diesel Generators
8kva with ATS - Ksh 142,000
8kva Keystart - Ksh 124,000
9kva with ATS - Ksh 152,000
9kva Keystart - Ksh 136,000

10kva with ATS - Ksh 165,000
10kva Keystart - Ksh 147,000

Original Honda Generators
Honda EZ3000CX 2.5kva Single Phase - Ksh 65,000
Honda EM3600EX 2.8kva Single Phase - Ksh 85,000
Honda EM5500 4.5kva Single Phase- Ksh 135,000
Honda EZ6500CXS 5.5kva Single Phase - Ksh 145,000
Honda EM8000ETS 6.5kva Dual phase- Ksh 165,000
Honda FX12 11kva Single Phase - Ksh 440,000
Honda FX12/4 Three Phase - Ksh 460,000

10kva Generator Brands
15kva Generator Brands
20kva Generator Brands
30 kva Generator Brands

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10kva Generator Brands
15kva Generator Brands
20kva Generator Brands
30 kva Generator Brands

Choosing The Best

Generators in Kenya

Today we can barely live without electricity. Our lives depend so much on having the power on, whether at home or in businesses. Electricity is an indispensable part of people's lives today and even going for a couple of hours without it can cause anxiety in many people. Fortunately, generators Kenya can ensure you continue enjoying the convenience of electricity when the mains power is interrupted for whatever reason.

Most people invest in generators when they are desperate for one and end up making a poor decision since they are desperate. However, with a bit of planning and advice from professionals, you can land yourself the best generators Kenya, suited for your needs. We are here to ensure that you make a worthwhile investment in a generator.

How to Choose the Right Generator?

Here are the considerations to have in mind when choosing a generator;

Power output – have a list of all the appliances that you want to run on generator power when the mains is interrupted. Then get their power ratings and add them up to determine how much total power you will need. You should also check the power needed to start these appliances. Some appliances require more power to start but lower power to operate. The difference between the power needed to start and to operate is called the power factor. It is a number between 0 and 1 and depends on the appliances.

However, you might find that the power rating of the generator is in kva while that of the appliances is usually in Watts. The power rating in kva of the generator is higher than in Watts. This is because to change kva to Watts, the power factor has to be considered. Watts = power factor x kva. Most of the circuits have a power factor of about 0.8 (0.745). Therefore, if your generator is rated 6kva the real power in Watts will be; 6kva x 0.8 = 4.8kW or 4800Watts.

While still considering the power output you need to know the quality of power you need for your appliances. Sensitive electronics like computers need smooth power therefore the generator should have a voltage stabilizer for this. You can engage us to help you calculate the power you need for your business or home.

Noise levels – generators are known to be noisy. Generators for home use, recreation and other commercial uses where silence is required should have a low dB rating. However, most of the quality generators are generally quieter and more friendly for use almost everywhere.

Type of generator – what type of generator Kenya should you buy? Portable generators are the most common in the country. This is because they are easy to move around for storage or to sites where power is needed. Stationary generators are more common in industrial and commercial use. Home standby generators are also permanently installed and kick in automatically when the power goes out.

Fuel efficiency – a good generator should have an engine that is highly fuel efficient. This will keep the running costs down which can quickly add up and eat into the profits of a business or become unattainable for a household. To understand the fuel efficiency of the generator, check on the liters per hour ratings. The generator should also have a sizeable fuel tank to avoid refueling every now and then.

Safety features – generators can be dangerous if mishandled or when not used in the right manner. Depending on the usage of the generator, check for safety features that might be of interest to you. For instance, if you are using a portable generator outdoors then waterproofed outlets might be a good feature to have.

How much will the generator cost me?

Most people looking to buy a generator worry about the generator price in Kenya. How much you will end up paying depends mostly on the size of the generator. The bigger and more powerful the generator is, the more you will pay for it.

But that is not all, the quality of the brand you are buying from affects the cost. Take for instance the best brands of generators Kenya like Honda generators, Power Italia, Hisaki, Maybach and Aico among others. These generators are usually higher priced than other low quality models.

Not forgetting that it matters where you buy your generator in Kenya. It is best to go with a recommended, reliable and trusted supplier. That is what we are known for. We have been providing Kenyan businesses and homes with quality generators and services for a long time.

Why choose us?

We understand that buying a generator is an expensive and big investment. As such we endeavor to bring to all Kenyans quality generators at the most affordable prices. To this end, we have partnered with quality brands like Honda, Power Italia, Maybach, Aico, and Tiger to bring you the best generators in the market at unbeatable prices. With our generators you get an ideal power solution without running down your budget.

We stock a wide variety of quality generators. We have generators with different power ratings all the way from 2kva generators for light use to 100kva generators to cater for even the most demanding power needs. We also have in stock portable and stationary generators. Our portable generators are ideal for use on the go and where medium to low power is desired. The stationary generators are big and more powerful therefore they are suited for industrial use, use in big hotels and other power intensive projects.

As one of the leading generator companies in Kenya, we have a rich history of providing quality generators and great service to our clients. We are always there for you even after the purchase of your generator to ensure you can make the most of your investment. We help with installation of the generator and sourcing of spare parts when you need to perform repairs.

You can learn more about our generators for sale in Kenya by contacting us or browsing through our website.